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We follow a different route to beginning a relationship with Jesus and joining a church than you might be used to. If you are a first time visitor, our ministry group will make sure you get a connect card. These connect cards help us get a sense of where you are in your journey, and if you have a desire to join Jesus, the church or both. It’s a great way for us to get to know you and stay in touch for future opportunities to get involved at Lighthouse.

We don’t don’t do the traditional, “opening of the doors of the church,” because individuals may feel intimidated or unclear about what it means to join Jesus or Lighthouse. We want to ensure you know everything about us before you decide to join, which is why we host Lighthouse 101 sessions. These serve as our new members' orientation. At this time, you will learn more about the church and what it means to be a member. If you decide to become a member, all it takes is filling out simple paper work. 

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